Useful Information On Pelican Bay Naples Golf Course

There are no better things in life than playing a round of golf on a course located in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. Pelican Bay is situated in Naples in Florida. This ensures that the weather is good all year round, with plenty of sunshine, warm air, and gentle breezes. All great in order to have an enjoyable and relaxing game of golf. Thanks to its location, it is also a great place for a family vacation, as there are plenty of things to see and do in-between games of golf. It also has the best SEO Naples company.

There is a lot of golf information available for the Pelican Bay Golf Course in Naples. With so many golf courses available in the Florida region, the owners need to offer something special. In Pelican Bay, this is a full size twenty-seven-hole golf course. The main eighteen holes are regarded as championship standard, while the nine-hole course is also a high standard. Not many golf courses offer the facilities to play eighteen or nine hole games. This is one of the things which sets shannon Pelican Bay homes apart from its competitors. So, for those people looking to play a quicker game, Pelican Bay has the means.

Although this is a championship level course, it caters for all golfers regardless of how good they are. The tees are set in such a way that allows beginners to enjoy this fabulous course, while those who play at a higher level can use the tees for the experienced player. On top of the surrounding beauty, the course itself is a haven for fauna and flora. There are many lakes around the course, while local species of flora add to the overall splendor. The fairways cover a wide variety of rolling hills and flat stretches of green grass. Find out more amenities here.

For those looking to practice, whether new to the game or not, then the driving range offers thirty tees. This is more than enough to ensure that there is no waiting to get on the range. This is something which can be a major issue at some other golf courses around the county. Remember, in order to limit the chance of injury during a game of golf, it is always a good idea to warm up on the range with a few shots. Start off slow and build up to make sure that the muscles are loosened up.

Of course, the Pelican Bay golf course is not all about the golf. It is a fantastic place to spend the day just for its beauty alone. There are areas to sit down and relax, and the restaurant has many positive reviews, and serves a high standard of cuisine. For those people who like to live near or on a golf course, there are villas, condominiums and single-family homes available. Pelican Bay offers one of the best golfing locations in the state of Florida, and anyone looking for a golfing vacation should look closely at this course and its surrounding area.